How many people die a year from Marijuana use or overdose?

In all of mankinds recorded medical history, NO ONE has ever died from marijuana overdose. As one scientist put it, ‘You can not overdose on cannabis(marijuana). The LD-50, that is the lethal dosage reported to kill 50% of the population, is to great to ever be achieved. The user will simply fall a sleep to wake up, likely, hungry.’

Does marijuana cause cancer?

Simply put: No. In fact the chemicals that are only found in the cannabis plant have been found to be very therapeutic to patients with cancer. Also, in scientific test, cannabis has been found to stop cancer from reproducing. Sadly, because of the federal ban of the entire cannabis plant, research is difficult to do legally.

Why are the stems of the plant purple?

Purple stems and even leaves are common in some strains of marijuana. Nothing to worry about.

What are these little bugs crawling all over?

Red Alert! You could have a variety of infestations or pests. Immediately remove the plant from the rest of the garden. Next try to identify the pest with a magnifying glass if necessary, to see if the plant is savable.

Why are the fan leaves curling inwards and down?

The most common problem in gardening is over watering which can be seen by dark leaves curling down. Do NOT water any more until the symptoms are resolved. Make sure your
bucket has proper drainage and there is good ventilation. Don’t be afraid to point a fan at the plant oscillating. This may help dry the soil.

Why are the fan leaves pointing up and are getting lighter in color?

This maybe from under watering. When the plant doesn’t have enough water it cannot create chlorophyll me which may be the reason for the lightening of the color and erect leaves.

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My plant is in the vegetative state with the lights on 24 hours a day. I just found a small cup with two white hairs at one of the branch nodes. what does this mean?

Marijuana grows as either male or female. In the vegetative state sometimes the plant with grow “preflowers” identifying their sex. Small cups with two white hairs are a sure sign of a female plant.

Can I smoke the leaves of marijuana to get “high”?

Even though cannabis is famous for its seven and nine fingered fan leaves, the leaves, branches and stems of the plant contain no, or extremely little THC. Without enough of the psycho active ingredient THC, you will not feel much from smoking the fan leaves.

What’s the difference between hemp, weed, ‘dro, cannabis, and
marijuana? There are so many names, I’m confused!

Weed, pot, reefer, herb, and marijuana are all famous names for Cannabis, but are usually referring to the female flowers which produce large amounts of THC.

Hemp refers to the stalks, fibers of the cannabis plant that contains virtually no psychoactive ingredients. Hemp is famous for its many eco-friendly industrial and agricultural products.

Hydro or ‘dro refers to cannabis grown hydroponically. Much produce found at local supermarkets today are grown hydroponically, which means the plant roots are grown in water/nutrients solution without soil.