To begin, select your smoke. Here we have a tobacco herb mixture. This is known as a ‘spliff’.

Take your paper and create a ‘U’ shape, and hold with your index, thumb, and middle finger like the picture.

Still holding the paper, place your herbs on the paper.

Begin to roll the joint with both hands using your index and thumbs to roll the herb into a consistent tube. Use your middle fingers to support the jay from underneath. The herb should not be to loose, but also not too tight. It should be slightly looser than a cigarette. If it is too tight, it could clog the joint. If it is too loose it won’t smoke properly.

Tuck the bottom of the paper smoothly underneath the top of the herb. Try to make sure not to crinkle the paper.

Wet the glue strip lightly and press softly over the bottom of the paper.

Twist the top of the joint

Many people roll their joints with a filter tip, not to filter the smoke like a cigarette, but rather to make the joint more stable and smoke better. Some roll the filter with the joint in one shot. I leave the end unglued and add the filter at the end. Roll a thin strip of paper and gently place into the end of the joint.

Lick the end of the glue strip around the filter.


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