Weed Vaporizer Buying Guide 2019 Edition

If you have been searching online for the best vaporizers designed for use with weed then you are in luck, because How Grow Weed has put together this list of our favorite vapes from around the industry for our faithful readers.

Top Five Weed Vaporizers Of 2019 Worth Purchasing

pulsar apx dry herb vaporizer

Pulsar APX – This is one of our absolute favorite vaporizer designed for use with weed in 2019 because of it’s extremely large herb chamber along with its super fast heat-up time which puts it light years ahead of other competing devices in the industry.

Grenco Science G Pen Elite

Grenco G Pen Elite – The G Pen Elite is another portable weed vaping pen that is constructed with an extremely large herb chamber and it also provides you with a sleek design which makes it much more desirable in the long run when vaping on a regular basis.

The G Pen Elite also features a high speed rapid USB 2.0 charger which really puts users ahead of the curve when it comes to vaping dried herbs in the fastest time-frame humanly possible.